Media Release – April 26, 2024

Marking 38 years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance has today released the statement from its national meeting, calling for an end to the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal.

Vicki Abdullah-McCabe, ANFA co-chair from Western Australia said “ANFA is a gathering for people from all over Australia fighting against uranium mines and waste dumps. We don’t want nuclear developments in any of our areas that we represent, like WA, SA or the NT.

I have been with ANFA for many years and it is always great to catch up and talk together about everyone’s issues and how to work together. There is so much work for us to do!”

ANFA co-chair from NSW, Trish Frail, stated, “At the recent ANFA conference, AUKUS was one of the main items on our agenda. Everyone is really concerned about it- people from throughout Australia, not just at Port Kembla where we met.

Communities across Australia have been fighting against nuclear waste dumps being built for decades. With AUKUS, we will need an international nuclear waste dump and we know that it will be pushed onto First Nations’ land.

This also comes back to how we are going to meet our climate emissions target if hundreds of billions of dollars goes towards AUKUS not real climate solutions.

It is going to affect our people, our country, our animals and the environment in general.”