Fifth Alliance Meeting September 17-18, 2005

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Adnyamathanha, Kokatha, Kokatha Moola, Warlpiri, Anmatyere, Kungarakun and Gurindji nations and Friends of the Earth, Australian Conservation Foundation, Medical Association for the Prevention of War, Mineral Policy Institute, Campaign Against Nuclear Dumping (SA), Australian Student Environment Network and the Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia.

Statement from the Alliance Meeting in South Australia – September 2005

“The Alliance meeting opposed plans to dump nuclear waste in the Northern Territory and addressed the strong concerns held over uranium mining and the risks of radiation.

The meeting re-affirmed the right of this and future generations to a clean environment.

The meeting supported the right of indigenous people to have:

· clean water and safe bush tucker

· strong culture and healthy communities

· protection for their sacred lands and burial grounds

The meeting called on the federal government to respect these things and to not force nuclear projects on unwilling communities

The meeting shared information between people with experience of uranium mining and others who are now facing these questions. The meeting maintained that prior consultation and informed group consent is essential when considering nuclear projects.

The meeting participants committed to share information and stories and to build the links between their groups and peoples to reduce nuclear risks to people and country.

These representatives will take the story and the statement from this meeting back to their communities and groups.”