Second Alliance Meeting 8-9 November 1997

Representatives attended the second meeting from the following indigenous communities: Arrernte, Arabanna, Adnyamathanha, Mirrar, Kokatha, Kalakadoon.

It was also attended by representatives of the following nonindigenous environment organisations: Australian Conservation Foundation, The Wilderness Society, Friends of the Earth, Arid Lands Environment Centre, WA Anti Uranium Coalition, Greens WA, Gaia Foundation, Nuclear Issues Coalition SA, Environment Centre NT.

The purpose of the meeting was to have a concrete discussion about the roles of the Alliance and to work out how to get the Alliance better resourced.

A statement of intent was agreed upon:

“The Alliance is made up of indigenous and non-indigenous people opposed to uranium mining and the nuclear fuel cycle. We work to stop the industry from violating human rights and poisoning people and country.

We recognise and respect indigenous rights and responsibility for the maintenance of country and culture.

We believe all our futures depend on stopping radioactive contamination and leaving clean country and strong culture for our children and grandchildren.”