Alliance Against Uranium Meeting, October 23-24, 1999

Representatives attended the third Alliance meeting from the following indigenous communities: Adnyamathanha, Kupa Piti Kungka Juta, Kokatha, Arabanna.

Representatives of the following non-indigenous environment organisations also attended it: Australian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth, Arid Lands Environment Centre, and Nuclear Issues Coalition SA.

Statement from the Alliance Meeting in South Australia – October 1999

“Representatives of national and regional environment groups and concerned Aboriginal people from Alice Springs, the Flinders Ranges and Port Augusta met in the Flinders Ranges on 23rd and 24th October 1999.

This meeting reaffirmed the strong opposition to plans to expand the nuclear industry in South Australia. The meeting developed and committed to and active plan to stop the development of a national / international radioactive waste dump.

This plan will include community meeting in Port Augusta and Adelaide and increased campaigning to highlight the environmental and cultural impacts of radioactive waste.

Aboriginal people in South Australia have first hand knowledge of nuclear impacts through the experience of atomic weapons testing at Emu Field and Maralinga and the legacy of uranium mining on their land.

Alliance members do not believe that the Government’s approach to the issue of a radioactive waste dump is has been open or reasonable and refuse to let the country or people of South Australia be treated as a nuclear sacrifice zone.”