First Alliance meeting 19-20 April 1997

The first meeting was attended by representatives of the following indigenous communities: Arabanna, Martu, Gangalida, Mirrar and Murran.

It was also attended by representatives of the following non-indigenous environment organisations: Australian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth, The Wilderness Society, Arid Lands Environment Centre, WA Anti Uranium Coalition, Greens WA, Gaia Foundation, Nuclear Issues Coalition SA.

This historic meeting released the following statement:

“We the Martu, Mirrar, Arabanna, Murran and Gangalida peoples have met with the environment groups Australian Conservation Foundation, The Wilderness Society, Friends of the Earth, Arid Lands Environment Centre, Western Australian Anti-Uranium Coalition, Greens WA, Gaia Foundation, Nuclear Issues Coalition SA to talk about our opposition to uranium mining.

We share concerns with local, national, and international impacts of present and proposed uranium mines. We don’t want uranium from our country to be used to hurt other peoples. The Aboriginal experience with uranium mining continues to result in genocide of our community and destruction of our homelands and country

Our futures depend on all our cultures remaining strong. Our cultural values cannot be traded for money. Our country and the law and power and cultural values have been recognised by the High Court.

We call upon all Australians to recognise and affirm these Native title obligations to protect country and culture now and for the future.

Together we have developed a timetable for action to oppose uranium mining and export at all levels and to actively work towards reducing all forms of nuclear threat.”