The Australian and West Australian Nuclear Free Alliances (ANFA and WANFA) have today welcomed Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke’s decision to delay any approval of the Toro Wiluna uranium mine in WA, until there is more information.

WANFA chairperson, Kado Muir said “Minister Burke has given hope to the Aboriginal people represented by WANFA that the conservative Government in Western Australia cannot and will not get away with steam rolling development on our Traditional land.”

“This decision sends a message to our Aboriginal communities that if you hold out and stand up strong for country – you can win. Thank you Mr Burke.”

Peter Watts ANFA Co-Chair said “ANFA stands in solidarity with those strong people in WA who have challenged uranium mining. This is good news for Aboriginal people right across the country who are standing together united and fighting against the nuclear industry on their country.”

“With the heightened awareness of asbestos – we need to be mindful of the health risks of uranium.  We should also remember the huge amounts of water this industry consumes as we’ve seen at Olympic Dam uranium mine– where BHP Billiton doesn’t even pay for it.”

“We’re coming up to the second anniversary of the Fukushima disaster – uranium from where I come from was there at Fukushima, we’re responsible for that. We cannot forget that.”

Media Contact
Kado Muir – WANFA Chairperson – 0477184957
Peter Watts – ANFA Co-Chair – 0432483066